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Blog Post

Blog Post - Menzies Response

Why outsourcing your order fulfilment always delivers

Running a business is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. But what if fulfilling orders becomes a headache? You’ll get bogged down, your business will stop growing, and life will become a struggle.

If this scenario sounds familiar then it could be time to outsource your order fulfilment. Just think about the possibilities: no processing, no picking, no packing, and no deliveries. It’s a godsend to have a third party logistics provider do the heavy lifting (literally!) for you. And here are the reasons why …

It can help you grow

Why spend all your time fulfilling orders when you should be attracting new ones? One of the perils of a growing business is that you grow too quickly. One day everything is in hand; the next your offices are too small, you don’t have enough people, and you’re finding it hard to cope.

When this happens there aren’t enough hours in the day. Vital things like marketing plans and reviewing your overall business strategy inevitably take a backseat. Even worse, if you’re not prepared for every eventuality then orders can be delayed, customers will get frustrated, and momentum will be lost.

In order to turn a period of rapid growth into sustained success, you must have plans in place to bring your business to scale. Even if it’s just a bridging option until you move to larger premises, outsourcing order fulfilment can be a smart move.

What’s more, if you choose an established third party logistics provider with a vast network like Menzies Response, it can help you in the long-term too.

It can improve efficiency and sustain success

It’s hardly rocket science but the more orders you fulfil, the more money you will make. And a specialist order fulfilment company is bound to fulfil more orders (and faster) than you can handle in-house. Outsourcing fulfilment boosts efficiency and ensures you’re doing things in the most practical, efficient, and profitable way.

Third party logistics providers can reduce your operating costs too. For starters you won’t need a warehouse to store your products. Warehouses are an expensive fixed cost, and these costs don’t change whether your warehouse is packed or half-empty. Furthermore, you won’t need to hire more staff to pick and pack goods. That’s staff you’ll need to train and pay, not to mention sorting out their pensions and national insurance.

It can improve your customer experience

If you’re growing very quickly, and orders start to go wrong, it costs money to put things right. And it can cost you a lot in customer goodwill too. Remember, it often takes just one bad online review to sink your company’s reputation. That’s where the expertise of a reputable third party logistics company goes a long way. They’re quite simply experts at keeping customers happy.

Order fulfilment companies have direct contact with customers and serve as an all-important bridge between businesses and the public. Whereas overstretched companies find it hard to deliver service with a personal touch, fulfilment companies excel at it. They have a specialist infrastructure, and surpass customer expectations by delivering orders faster and more efficiently.

You can focus on your strengths

Most importantly of all, outsourcing order fulfilment gives you the chance to focus on other areas of your business. You can finally concentrate on things that drive growth and profits: sourcing, sales, marketing, and your strategic direction. Suddenly things like incorrect orders, warehouse management, and other burdens are taken off your shoulders.

Consequently, if you’re a growing business finding a third party logistics provider is a no-brainer. It gives you extra time, flexibility, and a powerful distribution network that’s ample no matter how big you grow. However, the advantages of outsourcing aren’t just for companies that have become victims of their own success …

Using a third party logistics provider can be a sensible strategy whatever your circumstances. They offer valuable expertise, improve efficiency, deliver certainty, and help to future-proof your business too. You might not be growing today but what about tomorrow? And having an order fulfilment specialist on your side increases the chance of that dramatically.